This blog is not dead…

..but it is pretty firmly in hibernation mode at the moment. In part this it has opened up a number of other opportunities for me that are now taking up most of my time.

One of these is an editing gig at openDemocracy's OurKingdom blog, which is involved in some very exciting thinking around the future of the UK.

My involvement with Spinwatch has also deepened to the point where an argument that started out as a response to a Slugger thread has led to me starting a Ph.D at the University of Strathclyde.

Both openDemocracy and Spinwatch have got some interesting new projects in the works over the next few months. In the meantime, I'd like to flag up some good posts elsewhere on the themes that I've been neglecting here lately..

If you had been following the coverage of Tim Spicer, Tony Buckingham and assorted mercenaries here, then you will want to look up Craig Murray's recent encounters with same.

If you're interested in the neocons, London bloggers have produced some great coverage of Policy Exchange's relationship with Boris Johnson in recent months. Notable examples can be found at Dave Hill, Liberal Conspiracy, Boris Watch and Tory Troll.

It's also worth noting Arun Kundnani's article earlier this month, and the Guardian's profile on Policy Exchange last Friday, which both picked up on Dean Godson's cold war background.

The hiatus here is likely to continue but do please keep an eye out my stuff at OurKingdom and Spinwatch.






3 responses to “This blog is not dead…”

  1. Toque avatar

    Good luck with the PhD Tom.

  2. WorldbyStorm avatar

    That’s great. Good luck with the PhD. I can’t think of anyone better suited to do it.

  3. Anthony Barnett avatar

    Thanks for the plug Tom, OurKingdom is a big beneficiary

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