Today’s Nuzhound

Today’s edition of the excellent Nuzhound has a couple of interesting links:

Mark Langhammer of the Northern Ireland Labour Forum looks at the prospects for progress in the peace process in the Daily Ireland:

Protestant society is currently settled, confident the DUP is “standing up to republicans” and getting a “fair deal”. Ordinary Protestants aren’t begging for Stormont. Deadlock isn’t threatening. Ian Paisley is under no pressure to settle quickly, none at all. Is Sinn Féin’s best hope that Peter, Nigel, and Gregory don’t see running councils as the height of their ambitions? Or that Jeffrey and Iris don’t see the Grand Committee as the best they can do?

From the Derry Journal Colin Harvey asks whether northern nationalism is socially progressive.

There has been talk of rescuing the good name of northern nationalism. The implication is that recent events have not simply damaged a particular political party but that the impact may go much further. The risk, inherent in the suggestion, is to the project of northern nationalism as a credible vehicle for political change on this island. This will be a concern for those who believe that northern nationalism can offer a socially progressive alternative in political life.






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