US overflying Iran

The US Air Force is alread testing Iraq’s air defences in an anticipation of a possible conflict, according to this report from UPI.

Ellen Laipson, president and CEO of the Henry L. Stimson Center and former CIA Middle East expert, said of the flights, "They are not necessarily an act of war in themselves, unless they are perceived as being so by the country that is being overflown."
    Laipson explained: "It’s not unusual for countries to test each other’s air defenses from time to time, to do a little probing — but it can be dangerous if the target country believes that such flights could mean an imminent attack."
    She said her concern was that Iran "will not only turn on its air defense radars but use them to fire missiles at U.S. aircraft," an act which would "greatly increase tensions" between the two countries.






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    Great site, good post.
    It looks like IRAQ all over again.

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