Von Paleske on fraudster’s trail

Dr Alexander Von Paleske has been busy since I conducted the interview with him that I’ve been serialising in recent weeks.

He’s been on the trail of two alleged fraudsters suspected of being involved in boiler room operations in Southern Africa.

investigation into ‘boiler-room’ operations in Botswana by Alexander
von Paleske, the head of the Oncology Department of the Princess Marina
Hospital in Botswana, named the Fourie of Great Triangle Investments as
the former Amatola water board chief linked to an alleged major fraud
attempt to cede property of the water board as security for personal

A telephone number for Fourie provided to the media by ODC lawyers is the
same now-defunct number Fourie had when he was the water board chief
based in East London. (The Namibian)

The other individual is Tim Spicer’s old associate Rakesh Saxena, as detailed in this scanned report from Botswana’s Sunday Standard.






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