Witnesses not interviewed in trophy video investigation

The US military has cleared Tim Spicer’s Aegis over the trophy video incident, the Washington Post reported last weekend. The BBC has the company’s reaction to the decision, while the Irish Echo reports on some searching questions being asked about the investigation by the Pat Finucane Centre:

In recent days, [US envoy Mitchell] Reiss has been informed in an email letter by the PFC that it was contacted by an individual "who wishes to provide vital information to the trophy video investigation" being carried out by the Pentagon.

"This man has informed us that he is a former Aegis employee, Mr. Rod Stoner. He has informed us that he was present in the vehicle when the shooting occurred and that he was responsible for posting it on the website.

"He has also informed us that Aegis showed no interest in interviewing him during their internal investigation which apparently ended earlier this year. Most disturbing of all is his allegation that Aegis have refused his repeated requests to be put in contact with those within the Pentagon responsible for the investigation into the video.

"Mr. Stoner has also informed us that it is his understanding that none of those present in the vehicle have been contacted by the Pentagon, or indeed by any official investigating the video. If true this would suggest that a cover-up has taken place of matters concerning serious criminal wrong doing, including murder," the letter to Reiss added. (Irish Echo)







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