41 per cent back an English Parliament

A new MORI poll showing that 41 per cent of voters support ‘England as a whole to have it own national Parliament
with similar law-making powers to the Scottish Parliament’, will be released at the inaugural meeting of the Patrons of the English Constitutional Convention today.

Canon Dr Kenyon Wright, CBE, the former Chair of the Scottish Constitutional Convention will also declare his support for an English parliament at the meeting.

Canon Wright will say: " Two things have changed my personal view.
First, it is now clear after the North East Referendum, that regional
government is a non-starter in the foreseeable future, and we cannot
wait for further change. Second, I have become convinced that England
has a growing sense of national identity as strong as ours, and
therefore that an English Parliament, if the people want it, is as much
your right as we claimed it to be ours. Could the ‘Claim of Right for
Scotland’ with which we began our work be followed now by a ‘Claim of
Right for England’?” (CEP Newsblog)

The Witanagemot Club has also launched on online petition in support of an English Parliament.



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2 responses to “41 per cent back an English Parliament”

  1. Mark avatar

    And the rest!

  2. Toque avatar

    The rest:
    32% for the Status Quo
    14% for regional assemblies
    Remainder undecided.
    Considering that the main three parties argue for the Status Quo or, previously, for regional assemblies, I think it’s a good marker of what public opinion could be when the debate begins.

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