2005: Blogged has arrived

I have just received my copy of 2005: Blogged, Tim Worstall’s anthology of the best of the year’s British and Irish blogging.

The Green Ribbon has sneaked in on page 93 thanks to this post which was originally nominated for the BritBlog Roundup back in March by Gareth from the CEP.

Tim has used my post to illustrate how conversations can spread from one sphere (in this case Slugger) to another, something I’m quite pleased about as I have been trying to do just that with the Green Ribbon.

I feel quite fortunate to be in there amongst a lot of very fine writing. The disparate posts come together very well as a review of the year with a somewhat satirical tone overall.

The book is also a good guide to trends in and thinking about blogging. Apparently, there’s one issue on which we’re all in consensus. Tim’s been unable to find a single blogger in favour of ID cards.

I can see this doing well over Christmas, and hopefully it will introduce plenty of the uninitiated to the joys of blogging. Heartily recommended.







3 responses to “2005: Blogged has arrived”

  1. Chadie avatar

    But: is it really possible to compete in blogging? And who is to decide which blog is the best?
    I have noticed that in the English blogosphere there is much more of this decisions about which are the best blogs then in for example the Scandinavian countries, where I am blogging from.

  2. Tom Griffin avatar

    I suppose blogging is more co-operative than anything, given the way bloggers bounce of each other.
    I’m not sure there is an objective criterion for what makes a good blog post.
    Perhaps that is the beauty of it, it’s a perfect excuse for people to argue the toss.

  3. Tim Worstall avatar

    Objective criterion? Not sure there can be. The book is clearly a collection of what I think is good, with a few caveats. I deliberately looked at different styles (ie, not all politics or economics etc) and also at different viewpoints (there are plenty of left wingers in there for example).
    I hope it does do well so thst I can start preparing for next year’s. That way I can convince myself that all this reading of blogs is actually work.

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