Aegis conference moves to UAE

David Isenberg’s excellent Yahoo Group, Weapons Trade Observer, picked up an interesting story from the Financial Times of 3 December today.

The timing of this week’s postponed Iraq security conference that was meant
to bring together Iraqi ministers and leading providers of armed security in
London was unfortunate, given some of its speakers and sponsors. Organisers
have rescheduled it for Abu Dhabi early next year.

Interior minister Bayan Jabr had top billing. US troops recently discovered
173 prisoners, many starved and abused, at a Baghdad facility run by his

One of the event’s main sponsors, Aegis Defence, also had a week to forget.
The company, headed by ex-Scots Guards officer Tim Spicer, has launched an
internal investigation after a video appeared on the web apparently showing
armed guards in Iraq shooting from the back of a vehicle at civilian cars. (FT via WepsTrade)

More details about the summit here.






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  1. Alex avatar

    Christ! Is that *the* David Isenberg? Internet pioneer/founder of the stupid network theory?

  2. Tom Griffin avatar

    This guy’s a writer and security analyst for various think tanks. It would make for a seriously cool bleeding-edge polymath if they were the same person, but sadly they’re not.

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