Telegraph: more trophy videos out there

Sean Rayment, who broke the trophy video story last week, reports that there are nine more videos circulating on the internet.

The Sunday Telegraph has seen one of the new videos, which appears to show contractors opening fire at an unidentified target, possibly another vehicle, in Baghdad.

The incident allegedly took place on a road called "route Irish", which links the capital to its airport.

The video, featuring the sound of machine-gun fire and screeching brakes, lasts 21 seconds and appears to show members of a security team firing at a vehicle in the distance or at another travelling alongside. In another video employees of a British security company are shown firing back after being ambushed by insurgents. (Sunday Telegraph)

The first one sounds like the video contact.wmv which still appears at God knows where the others are, if they exist. The owner of the site has put up a cryptic message: "To all the media contacting this site requesting copies of the other nine Video Clips you have been miss informed."






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