Ashcroft, Alexander and independence

It seems that Pat Kane’s video of Brian Ashcroft has hit the headlines:

WENDY ALEXANDER has been dealt an embarrassing blow in her first week as
Scottish Labour leader after footage emerged of her husband making a case
for independence.

Professor Brian Ashcroft, policy director of the pro-Union economic
think-tank, the Fraser of Allander Institute, was filmed arguing that
Scotland would be more prosperous as a separate country than having full
tax-raising powers as part of the UK. (Sunday Times)

Update 29 August: Pat reports that the clip is now available on youtube:






One response to “Ashcroft, Alexander and independence”

  1. Charlie Marks avatar

    I’ve a feeling that we’ll hear a lot more about this… expect Mr Ashcroft’s words to be quoted to Ms Alexander by Mr Salmond…

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