Boateng fighting SA mercenary bill

Two interesting new pieces from Dr Alexander Von Paleske:

Adnan Khashogg, Rakesh Saxena, and the Spiderweb
When the Regular Army goes, the Mercenaries come

The latter piece focuses on British High Commissioner Paul Boateng’s efforts to water down South Africa’s planned anti-mercenary law.  It also has some interesting details about the kind of people who are turning up in Iraq:

The desire in Europe to serve for these "security" companies has
despite the high salaries somehow watered down. Iraq turns out to be a
walk into hell. This experience was also made by Gary Branfield, former
member of the Civil Cooperation Bureau and architect of the attack on
Gaborone in 1985.

Branfield alias Major Brian, who on 31 July 1981 killed with a death
squad the ANC representative in Harare Joe Gqabi, by shooting him 19
times, found eventually his fate as mercenary in Iraq in 2004, where he
was killed.






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