Brexicon – Defining the terms of negotiation

 On the BBC this morning Nick Clegg hit back at the 'remoaners' label for pro-Europeans, by labelling advocates of a hard Brexit 'breniers'. I wondered if I couldn't do a bit better. Apologies in advance.

Brexcellency: Non-EU trade representative prepared to offer favourable terms thanks to UK's improved post-Brexit negotiating position. Note irregular declension.

Brexceptionalism: Doctrine emphasising the over-riding importance of key trading relationships, such as those with Guernsey, the Isle of Man and the Cayman Islands. 

Brexchange: any currency transaction leaving one with fewer euros than one had pounds sterling.

Brexchequer: Middle English term, of Old French origin, designating David Davis' DExEU department.

Brexclave: A Japanese car plant in the north-east of England.

Brexcise: Tax primarily applicable to Mercedes cars, Italian sparkling wines and other articles of the same class.

Brexegesis: Scholarly methodology for the interpretation of referendum mandates.

Brexile: Member of an elite body of international businessmen upholding British sovereignty from a series of island outposts around the world.

Brexclaim: to estimate one's chances of success in negotiation.A general term not covering those specialised situations where the other side and/or objective circumstances are taken into account. Usually noted in EU-27 documents by a brexclamation mark.

Brexcluded middle: Logical principle by which there is either hard Brexit or no Brexit.

Brexecutive order: Officially preferred process for the implementation of Britain's departure for the European union.

Brexistentialism: Philosophical doctrine that Brexit means Brexit.

Brexogamy: The process of obtaining EU citizenship by marriage.

Brexemplary damages: Legal terminology for the negotiating position of the European Commission.

Brextremism: Doctrine aimed at deterring immigration by eliminating unnecessary economic activity.

Brexculpate: to uphold a broad public duty to make a success of Brexit.








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