BRICS building anti-US alliance? has an interesting article on the diplomatic countermoves that have been provoked by US unilateralism.

Distinctly the world is broken into definite alliances. The first is the US led alliance (thirty or so countries providing military in Iraq). The second one is the European Alliance. There is a considerable overlap between NATO, EU and US led alliance.

The third emerging alliance is BRICS – Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. The newly formed Russia-China alliance provides Putin the necessary critical mass to move ahead and formally create the BRICS alliance.

The word ‘BRICs’ comes from a 2003 Goldman Sachs study which argued that the economies of Brazil, Russia, India and China will overtake those of the G6 nations (US, Japan, Germany, Italy, France and Britain) within 40 years.






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  1. Watching Them, Watching Us avatar

    The idea of a BRICS alliance seems to be rather fanciful.
    Not even the original article makes any claims that Indian – Chinese government hatred, suspicion and economic rivalry has diminished to the point where they become allies.

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