Connolly Commemoration in London

From the CPGB:

To mark the 90th anniversary of the death of James Connolly a joint commemoration meeting will be held by the Communist Party and the Connolly Association at the London Irish Centre on Thursday 18 May.

Speakers will be Jim Mortimer, former General Secretary of the Labour Party, Eugene McCartan, General Secretary of the Communist Party of Ireland, Eoin O’Broin, Sinn Fein’s Director of European Affairs and National Executive member, leading Connolly scholar Priscilla Metscher and Jim Redmond of the Connolly Association.

Jim Mortimer comments: “Connolly was one of the towering figures of the Trade Union and Labour Movement of these islands.  He more than anyone else appreciated the dual significance of the struggle for national independence and the emancipation of working people from the deprivations of capitalist society.”

Rob Griffiths, General Secretary of the Communist Party, comments: ‘The Communist Party is proud to be joint sponsor of this event.  James Connolly was a leader of the Irish working class.  He was a Marxist.  He fought for socialism.  But he also knew this fight had to be combined with the struggle against imperialism.  This remains as relevant as ever today.’ 

Eoin O Broin, Sinn Fein director of European Affairs and editor of Left
Republican Review said.

‘The ideas and activism of James Connolly are as relevant today as they were 90 years ago when he participated in the 1916 rising. It is important on this the 90th anniversary of his death for those of us who see ourselves as continuing his republican socialist tradition both to celebrate and understand his legacy.”It is important that Connolly is neither rejected outright nor reduced to mere slogans. Understanding his achievements, failures, strengths and  weaknesses, will allow us to better address the realities that face us today at the start of the 21st century.’

James Connolly, leader of the Irish Transport and General Workers Union, was military commander of Irish forces in the Easter Rising in 1916 and signatory to the Proclamation of the Provisional Government.  He was executed by a British firing squad on 12 May 1916.

The meeting will begin at 7.30 p.m. in the London Irish Centre, 50 Camden Square , NWI. A further meeting will be held at Connolly’s birthplace, Edinburgh, on Saturday 13 May.  Speakers will be Joe Bowers, industrial organiser of the Communist Party of Ireland, and Jim Friel of the Connolly Association.  The meeting will begin at 12 noon on room G21, Pattersons Land, Holyrood Road.  It will later proceed to the plaque in Cowgate marking Connolly’s birthplace.






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