Coup case struck out

Equatorial Guinea dictator Teadoro Obiang has had his London High Court case against last year’s coup plotters thrown out, the Financial Times reports.

The claim had been brought against Lebanese oil tycoon Eli Calil; former British Special Air Service officer Simon Mann, and two offshore companies said to be controlled by him; an associate, Greg Wales; and Severo Moto Nsa, an exiled Equatorial Guinea opposition leader who, it was claimed, would have replaced Mr Obiang had the alleged coup succeeded.

Giving his judgment yesterday, Mr Justice Davis acknowledged that it was "a very strong thing to drive a claimant from the driving seat and deprive him of the chance of proving his case at trial".

Nevertheless, the judge said, the damages action "must be struck out". (

Obiang was denied leave to appeal, but could still apply to the Court of Appeal directly.






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