David Miliband: A First Minister for England?

The Herald reports that Alex Salmond may well get his wish for a revival of joint ministerial committees between Westminster and the devolved administrations:

One significant sign that Westminster may be
adapting to change came yesterday from David Miliband, the Environment
and Rural Affairs Secretary, hosting a meeting with representatives of
the devolved administrations.

His Downing Street colleagues may have been reluctant to acknowledge
the election of SNP ministers, but he has to work with such political
opponents on the European agricultural and fisheries council and on
cross-border environmental policy, including the Marine Bill.

It has not been lost on the Labour minister who was closest to
challenging Gordon Brown for the leadership that there is radical
change afoot in governing Britain and he can position himself at its
cutting edge. (The Herald)

Any solution to the West Lothian Question is bound to undermine the power of Gordon Brown and other Scottish MPs. The same is not necessarily true for English Labour MPs.

It’s also an issue the next Labour leader but one may have to face up to. Sticking rigidly to the status quo leaves the party dangerously exposed to a pincer movement from the Tories in England and the SNP in Scotland.



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3 responses to “David Miliband: A First Minister for England?”

  1. will hanlon avatar
    will hanlon

    Who are these English labour MP’S? ive never heard of them,the labour MP’S ive heard of keep extolling the virtues of being British and denegrate and attack the notion of Englishness at every opportunity,is it more a case of them jumping on the bandwagon now that the opinion polls are showing a clear English requirement and need for an English parliament?Has miliband ever expressed his Englishness and pride in his country,if not he will not become first minister for England and rightly so.

  2. Tom Griffin avatar

    There are a few English Labour MPs who have been prepared to raise the West Lothian Question, Tony Wright for one.
    The title of this post was a bit mischievious, but it does highlight the opportunity that’s there.
    Not many Labour MPs have spoken out up to now, but it’s the people jumping on the bandwagon who keep it moving forward.

  3. M Anderson avatar
    M Anderson

    “…is it more a case of them jumping on the bandwagon now that the opinion polls are showing a clear English requirement and need for an English parliament?”
    I knew the b*stards would do it. Well let me tell them something. Everything is on record.
    I really don’t want any of the disloyal MP’s presently residing at Westminster in the new English parliament. The dirtbags know who they are!

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