Devolution round-up: The debate takes off

Supporters of an English Parliament have recently been quoting Gandhi’s slogan: "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."

If column inches are anything to go by, the third stage of that process is well under way.Here’s a sample of the past week’s news stories and blog posts:

24 June

Scots ‘should lose extra billions from Treasury’ Telegraph

Pork Barrel Labour Telegraph

My scheme gives Scots too much cash aid, says peer Daily Mail

Cut Scottish spending by billions – Barnett Scotsman

23 June

The Scottish question might leave Cameron’s Tories struggling for an answer Financial Times

"Devolution would boost Northern Ireland Economy": DUP UTV

Questioning the Scottish Question Slugger O’Toole

Interviews: Caroline Spelman ConservativeHome

22 June

Home Truths Guardian/Comment is Free

Constitution has to change, say voters Scotsman

It’s a question of cash rather than West Lothian Edinburgh Evening News

English Affairs Eursoc

Mike – “Should I risk £10,000 of my pension cash on Gordon?”

21 June

Why Britain should pay homage to Catalonia Guardian

The West Lothian answer Guardian/Comment is Free

Tories Seek curbs on Scottish MPs Telegraph

How to defuse the Scottish question Telegraph

Brown under threat from the English lion Daily Mail

YouGov poll reveals ‘English’ voting demand Press Association/

Brown Ally: West Lothian Question needs answer The Scotsman

The West Lothian solution? The Scotsman

‘Sleepwalking’ claim over report on the West Lothian question The Herald

Hostility towards Scots is a dangerous game The Herald

England has got no use for us any more Edinburgh Evening News

New Poll Shows UK Failing to Deliver for England SNP

20 June

Power of Scottish MPs ‘a threat to UK’ Telegraph

Labour can choose to keep the Kingdom united Telegraph

Three lions on his shirt never stopped Brown scheming… Daily Mail

Backlash may hit Brown’s No 10 hopes Scotsman

Anomaly that won’t go Away The Herald

Dalyell says ‘I was right’ on devolution Edinburgh Evening News

Warning of English concern over West Lothian question

New Constitutional Settlement must benefit whole of UK – Hughes Liberal Democrats

DUP seeks cut in corporation tax to woo foreign investors to Ulster Financial Times

19 June

English ‘unhappy’ with devolution BBC News

Devolution report shocks ministers with an ‘own goal’ The Herald

City MP warns of English fury over Scots devolution Glasgow Evening Times

Committee Report Shows West Lothian Question Can’t Be Ignored SNP

MPs warn of English backlash over Scots’ votes in Commons Edinburgh Evening News

MPs warn of ‘West Lothian’ threat to devolution’ e-politix

18 June

The Scottish drift that is unnerving Brown Sunday Times

Victory for devolution – but not in Scotland Scotland on Sunday

Would an SNP victory lead to immediate independence? Sunday Herald

Could this man be our next First Minister? Sunday Herald



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2 responses to “Devolution round-up: The debate takes off”

  1. Della avatar

    Phew, that took some getting through. You have been busy, you little beaver, you.
    Enjoyed that little lot. May they continue to avalanche proportions.

  2. Chris Abbott avatar

    Thanks very much indeed, Tom. It was great to catch up on all this.
    I must admit Simon Hughes of the Liberal Democrats made me smile. Simon says that the break up of the Union is “out of the question”.
    It’s good to know in these post-democratic times that everything is open to debate and that the electorate is in the driving seat!

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