Finucane family react to prosecution decision

No members of the security forces will be charged in relation to the killing of Pat Finucane, it was announced yesterday. Amnesty International have condemned the decision. The Finucane family have issued the following reaction:

Family of Pat Finucane respond to the decision by the DPP for Northern Ireland that there will be no prosecutions arising from Stevens III

Speaking on behalf of the Finucane family Michael Finucane said:

“My family and I are extremely angry and disappointed at the decision of the DPP not to prosecute anyone arising from the report of the Stevens III Investigation and especially the manner in which it has been delivered. Once again, we are expected to respond at a moment’s notice to important events that the authorities have had years to consider.

“It is difficult to square the unequivocal nature of the conclusions
reached by Lord Stevens four years ago with the submissive, timid,
unconvincing reasons advanced by the DPP for not instituting a single
prosecution. It is notable that the DPP feels himself unable to use
“certain intelligence records as evidence”, a clear indication that the
interests of national security remain more important than the human
lives. The announcement by Lord Stevens in Belfast four years ago sent
shockwaves through the British establishment that reverberated around
the world. The announcement today by the DPP for Northern Ireland sinks
like a heavy stone into the mire of collusion and cover-up, taking with
it any hope that the criminal justice system in Northern Ireland will
deliver for victims where the State’s own agents and agencies are

“The family of Pat Finucane will not be deterred by the decision of the
DPP. We will continue to press for a fully independent public inquiry
into the murder and all of the surrounding circumstances. We sought
such an inquiry from the former Prime Minister, Tony Blair and were
blocked and frustrated in our efforts by him. We now look to his
successor to show that the era of secrecy, cover-up and collusion is
truly over. We look to Gordon Brown to deliver on the commitment made
by the British Government to hold an independent inquiry into the
circumstances surrounding the murder of Pat Finucane.

“Only an independent public inquiry can satisfy the concerns of my
family and the wider public about the existence of collusion between
the British army, the RUC and security services in the murder of Pat
Finucane and many others.”



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