FSB not the only agency licensed to kill

[Oleg Gordievsky] was at one with Mr Litvinenko’s other
  associates in accusing the Kremlin of murdering him. "Since July Russia
  has had a law permitting the FSB to kill people abroad that it doesn’t like,"
he said. (Independent)

Several articles on the Litvinenko case mentioned this law, apparently passed by the Duma in June, but you’d have to turn to the coverage of the new James Bond film to find out Britain has has had similar legislation for over a decade:

If, apart from this section, a person would be liable in the United
Kingdom for any act done outside the British Islands, he shall not be
so liable if the act is one which is authorised to be done by virtue of
an authorisation given by the Secretary of State under this section. (Section 7, Intelligence Services Act 1994)






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