Google launches blog search

Google has finally got around to launching its long-awaited blog search service. The coverage seems pretty comprehensive. Basically, if your blog uses a ping-service, it should be there. Check out the FAQ for details.



Technorati seems to be fighting back with a new Blog Finder service, which now classifies whole blogs, rather than just posts. As of now, this has the somewhat quirky result of making The Green Ribbon the number one blog for the Ireland category, number three for Britain and number four for England.






5 responses to “Google launches blog search”

  1. Sharon O' Suillibhan. avatar

    Good post , Tom – useful information !

  2. Tom Griffin avatar

    Cheers Sharon, good to see they’ve got 1169 and counting.

  3. Sharon O' Suillibhan. avatar

    ….and soon (hopefully!) Technorati will have the blog listed as well – thanks again !

  4. Gareth avatar

    Interesting. I note that it works by tags so even if you blog is entirely about England it won’t get rated if you don’t use the tag ‘England’ 🙁

  5. Tom Griffin avatar

    It is a bit of a flaw in the system. There must be hundreds of bloggers based in Ireland, but as they naturally wouldn’t use the Ireland tag, The Green Ribbon has come out on top.
    You can add extra tags to your technorati blog description manually, but I don’t know how much effect it has on the rankings.

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