Gordon’s speech

I have a short reaction piece over at OurKingdom, and Mick Fealty has a round-up his new Telegraph blog Brassneck, but perhaps it’s Richard Thomson who sums it up best over at Scots and Independent.







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  1. Tom Griffin avatar

    Whatever you think of the substance, Brown has played a masterful game of positional warfare. He’s left the Tories with very little space between the Lib Dems and UKIP.
    It will be interesting to see if Cameron can come up with a coherent response to this, especially to Brown’s wrapping himself in the Union Jack.
    Clearly Brown will accuse the Tories of being anti-British if they try to play the English card, but I wonder if his attempt to monopolise Britishness won’t backfire in the long run.
    He’s been accused of wanting a British one-party state. Maybe there’s a precedent for that in Scotland.

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