Green Ribbon makes Iain Dale blog guide

There’s been a bit of a hiatus here at the Green Ribbon as I have been in Dublin for the last few days.

It looks like I will have to be get back up to speed though, as I have been included in Iain Dale’s Guide to Political Blogging in the UK which is being distributed at the party conferences. I made it in at number 52 on the list of non-aligned blogs.

Although the guide is quite an extensive and balanced list, there are some notable omissions, which have excited plenty of debate around the blogosphere.







2 responses to “Green Ribbon makes Iain Dale blog guide”

  1. Alex avatar

    I’m thinking of putting a note on my blog that I am officially at least 74 blogs worse than Richard “The man who puts the cunt into country” North

  2. Tom Griffin avatar

    I was surprised not to see the Ranter in there. Maybe there will be a vacancy in the next one, given Mr North’s very entertaining spat with Iain Dale.

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