Green Ribbon up for the Satin Pajama Awards

It appears that the Green Ribbon is up for the best weblog from the UK category at the Third Annual Satin Pajama Awards. Thanks to Alex from the Yorkshire Ranter for the nomination

There’s are some very good blogs in the category and, at the moment, I seem to be languishing on one vote so any support would be greatly appreciated.

Spare a thought also for Mick Fealty’s Slugger which seems to be making a rather better fist of competing for the Best European Weblog category.


Clearly, the Green Ribbon was squeezed…

Congratulations to the winners, particularly Jonny Billericay and Slugger.






3 responses to “Green Ribbon up for the Satin Pajama Awards”

  1. Sharon . avatar

    Hi Tom !
    Best of luck in your quest for new PJ’s !
    We gave both yourself and Mick a vote – and will continue to do so once neither of ye are running in a Leinster House campaign…..
    Remember us when you hit the Big-Time !

  2. CW avatar

    Good luck Tom! You’ve got my vote.

  3. Tom Griffin avatar

    Thanks Sharon and Ciaran,
    It looks like we’ve moved into a much more respectable joint-last place. Hopefully, with a bit of canvassing, we can get our nose in front and pick up some transfers when Unspeak is eliminated…

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