Hain resigns

Anthony Barnett suggested to me recently that Peter Hain’s troubles were a good example of the centrifugal forces engulfing the union. In Wales, Labour has just just lost a Secretary of State. In Scotland, the pressure on Wendy Alexander has just ratcheted up a notch.






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  1. WorldbyStorm avatar

    What I don’t get is how he could have been so… well, let’s not get you sued, but… that he allowed the situation to develop in this way. I mean it’s not as if this sort of thing hasn’t happened before, now is it?

  2. Mike Small avatar

    Wendys got to go. Her position is completely untenable. See Baron Foulkes hilarious blustering perfomance on Newsnight Scotland last night. Gordon Brewer shaking with laughter…

  3. Gus Abraham avatar

    The Scottish Independence Convention launched a national petition to demand a referendum on Scottish Independence in the Scottish Parliament today. The campaign is appropriately called, “Let Scotland Decide”, and there will be a celebratory launch amid great fanfare and celebration at a Burns Supper on Sunday 27 January in Oran Mor, Glasgow.
    Gus @ 1820.org.uk

  4. Gus Abraham avatar

    And reading the runes Wendys ‘friends’ within Labour are deserting her and even the Daily Retard is adopting a position other than prone.
    More at: http://1820.org.uk

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