Hope for the peace process?

A couple of stories in the Sunday papers suggest the outlines of a way forward in the peace process may be becoming clear.

First, the Sunday Business Post on Sinn Fein:

Adams made it clear that the ball was with Sinn Féin: that it had lost the initiative in the peace process and that it had to get it back. He also made clear that it was, first and foremost, an internal project for republicans to sort out. There is clearly going to be a major reckoning for the movement in the wake of recent events. It is evident that Irish republicanism can only move forward under one banner, either that of Sinn Féin or, alternately, of the IRA.The days of doublespeak are numbered.

Secondly, the Independent’s David McKittrick on the DUP:

Underneath all the furore, the central, underlying assumption of the peace process remains unaltered: that it will continue with republican participation, and that Sinn Fein and Mr Paisley will, sooner or later, get back to the table to hammer out agreement on a new Belfast administration.

To the surprise of many, all the recent turmoil over IRA involvement in the murder and the £26m robbery of the Northern Bank has not caused Mr Paisley to slam the door on a future deal.


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