If Blackwater is the problem, is Tim Spicer the solution?

Following yesterday’s meeting between US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Defense Secretary Robert Gates, it looks as if the US military is going to take on a bigger role in the oversight of State Department security contractors as a result of the Nisour Square Massacre.

R.J Hillhouse suggests that Blackwater will therefore come under the co-ordination of the military’s Reconstruction Operations Centers, which are outsourced to Tim Spicer’s Aegis Specialist Risk Management.

Kind of ironic that increased accountability for Blackwater should mean reporting to a company that got off scot-free after the trophy video episode.






3 responses to “If Blackwater is the problem, is Tim Spicer the solution?”

  1. WorldbyStorm avatar

    Worse than ironic really, isn’t it?

  2. Tom Griffin avatar

    It is, Worldbystorm. Sorry if was being a bit flippant.
    I have written a longer piece on this which I am hoping Antiwar.com will publish.
    A lot of key Democrats are on the record against Aegis,so it shouldn’t be credible for them to accept this. I suspect the media will only pick up that angle, though, if it becomes part of the turf war between Defense and State.
    At the moment, the story seems to be very much Blackwater as the rotten apples in the barrel.

  3. WorldbyStorm avatar

    Apologies, I didn’t mean to sound critical. It is indeed ironic. You’re dead right, that dynamic of Blackwater as the ‘bad’ subcontractors is beginning to permeate the media, although not entirely successfully. And then there is the other narrative that keeps cropping up i.e. ‘subcontracted cleaners, cooks, etc, etc, keep the army going…’ Yes. Well. Cleaners generally don’t tote automatic weapons – at least not round this way they don’t.

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