Labour on devolution

From the Labour Manifesto:

The nations and regions of the UK

In our first term, we devolved power to Scotland and Wales and restored city-wide government to London. Britain is stronger as a result. In the next Parliament, we will decentralise power further. In Wales we will develop democratic devolution by creating a stronger Assembly with enhanced legislative powers and a reformed structure and electoral system to make the exercise of Assembly responsibilities clearer and more accountable to the public.We will also review the powers of the London Mayor and the Greater London Authority. And we will devolve further responsibility to existing regional bodies in relation to planning, housing, economic development and transport.

More of the same from Labour. Building on devolution for Scotland and Wales but offering only regional quangos for England. Not surprising that Labour hasn’t sought to address the democratic deficit this involves as it works to the party’s advantage, as was shown when Scottish MPs helped impose tuition fees and foundation hospitals against the wishes of a majority of English MPs.






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    Do you ever get the feeling…

    …that the big men, the ones in charge, have absolutely no idea how the little people are actually feeling? If you need proof then look no further than this little snippet from the Labour manifesto (via the CEP): In our…

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