Livingstone meets Kelly McBride

From the GLA:

Mayor of London Ken Livingstone today met with Kelly McBride, the sister of Peter McBride, the Belfast man shot by British soldiers. The soldiers, who were found guilty of murder, have been permitted to continue to serve in the British army.

Mr Livingstone said:
‘London has a long-term interest in seeing a lasting peace in Ireland, and part of this will be the need for the full confidence of Irish people both in Ireland and also here in London in all institutions including the British army. I am pleased therefore to have had the opportunity to meet with Kelly McBride today and to discuss her case with her.

‘I agree with Kelly McBride’s reasonable proposal that members of the armed services found guilty of serious crimes such as murder, rape or torture should not be permitted to continue to serve in the military. I think this is a sensible request that will help to build confidence in the armed services.’

Mr Livingstone met with Kelly McBride at City Hall today.

Livingstone’s human rights advisor Yasmin Qureshi was also at the meeting. She is standing for Labour in the Brent East constituency. If she is elected, she has ageed to put forward a private members bill, calling for people convicted of serious offences, such as murder and rape, to be barred from serving in the army.







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