Marines jail contractors in Iraq.

Corpwatch has a special report on increasing tensions between the US military and contractors in Iraq.

One group from Zapata Engineering were arrested by the US marines in Fallujah.

All 19 Zapata men were confined to small cells, measuring six feet by eight feet, and dressed in orange prison garb. They were imprisoned for three days without being charged or provided with legal counsel. Night and day, they listened to suspected Iraqi fighters held nearby. The contractors say they ate the same bad food that the Iraqi prisoners were served and were forced to urinate in bottles in their cells.

The article suggests that the US Military is relying on Tim Spicer to smooth things over:

Hoping to better coordinate these private security companies operating in Iraq, the U.S. Army awarded a $293 million security contract to a controversial British firm, Aegis Defence Services Ltd. last May. Responsible for directing security efforts for ten prime contractors in Iraq, the company has met with mixed reviews.

"There is no assurance that Aegis is providing the best possible safety and security for government and reconstruction contractor personnel and facilities," the Office of the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction asserted in an audit released this April.






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