MI5 infiltrated SNP

The interesting question is how much of this is still going on now?

THE SNP was spied on by British secret service agents, previously
classified Government files seen by Scotland on Sunday have finally

Claims of surveillance of nationalist politicians by intelligence
officers have circulated for years, but the new papers provide the
first incontrovertible evidence that the state spied on the SNP in the

Agents from MI5 and Special Branch infiltrated the party as part of a campaign
to undermine support for Scottish independence, the papers show (Scotsman)







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  1. Spy Blog - SpyBlog.org.uk avatar

    MI5 spied on the Scottish Nationalist Party – will the “Wilson Doctrine” now be extended to the Scottish Parliament ?

    [via Tom Griffin: This Scotland on Sunday article, reports that the Scottish Nationalist Party was subjected to infiltration and monitoring by MI5 the Security Service back in the 1950s, and to telephone tapping in the 1970s (following bizarre claims b…

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