New Iraq contractor videos

New versions of the so-called trophy videos which emerged in November have been posted at the website where they originally appeared,

The new versions, which appear to include the original audio, would seem to be consistent with claims that a South African contractor was involved in a number of the shooting incidents.

The investigation into whether the videos are linked to Tim Spicer’s private military company Aegis, is still underway according to the press office of the Multi-National Force – Iraq.

Both developments were noted in today’s Washington Post, which also reported that two Iraqi civilians were killed by contractors in Kirkuk on Tuesday.






2 responses to “New Iraq contractor videos”

  1. Spooky Pete avatar

    Not hard to be cynical about the possibility of (white) South Africans associating trophies with killing natives.

  2. olteanu daniel avatar
    olteanu daniel

    i was psd in iraq.i was sharck at dyncorp

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