New NI Labour court case

It looks like Andy McGivern’s campaign to get the British Labour Party to organise in Northern Ireland is moving on to the next stage:

Belfast trades unionist Andy McGivern revealed November 7 and 8 has been set in the County Court in London as the date for his race discrimination case against the Labour leadership.

Mr McGivern, who in 2003 forced the party to lift a 79 year ban on people in Northern Ireland from becoming members, has claimed Labour’s refusal to allow its members in the North to form constituency associations is discriminatory. (Ireland Online)

Hat-tip to Gareth from Little Man in a Toque who makes an interesting analogy with Labour’s stance on England at the CEP Blog:

unfortunately you will find that equality is only a point of principle when the Labour Party wish it to be. Hence the fact that there is no English Labour Party, no referendum on English devolution, no English Labour Party manifesto, no English Parliament, no Minister of State for England, no English executive etc. I wish you all the luck in the world.







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