Northern Ireland election results

All the results from the Westminster election in Northern Ireland are now in. On the unionist side, the Ulster Unionist meltdown at the hands of the DUP was pretty much as aniticipated. On the nationalist side the SDLP performed much better than expected, losing Newry and Armagh to Sinn Fein, but holding Foyle and gaining South Belfast from the Ulster Unionists.

In my own entry in Nicholas Whyte’s prediction competition I called 16 out of 18 seats correctly. I predicted a UUP in hold in South Antrim which went to the DUP, and a SInn Fein gain in Foyle, which SDLP leader Mark Durkan held quite comfortably.






3 responses to “Northern Ireland election results”

  1. Gareth avatar

    This is not a good result for England unless it begins the process of establishing the DUP and Sinn Fein as centrist – which is hard to envisage right now.
    It may well be that England is kept under the kosh of the UK Government for as long as the NI situation remains unresolved. It is hard to see how England could have a devolved Parliament, or how the UK could become a federal state, without there being a settlement.

  2. Tom Griffin avatar

    The next thing to watch out for is the IRA’s response to Gerry Adams’s speech calling for the them to stand down.
    If that is positive, I think it will be very difficult for the hardliners in the DUP to avoid going into a devolved Government.

  3. Gareth avatar

    I’m not going to hold my breath. The DUP will find a way not to involve themselves – and some would say quite rightly if the IRA fail to publically disarm.

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