Operation Kratos report due

The Metropolitan Police Authority is due to produce a review of the so-called ‘shoot to kill’ strategy, operation Kratos tomorrow. The report will include details of the number of suspected suicide bomber episodes:

Frequency of incidents

14. The following table outlines the number of spontaneous incidents resulting from calls from members of the public about suspected suicide bombers.

From 12 midday on the 21 July 2005 to midnight on the 4 August 2005
Number of calls 763
Number of times DSO alerted 11
Number of times Armed Response Unit sent to RVP (Rendezvous Point) 6

15. To date, the number of calls [now running at a much reduced daily rate] is over 1000. All have been resolved safely.

16. Following the tragic events of the 22 July 2005, the MPS has commenced a review led by Assistant Commissioner Steve House, which is working in close conjunction with a national review led by Deputy Chief Constable Edwards of Sussex Police.

17. As a result of the recent review the tactical options have been widened to cover a greater range of operational circumstances. There has also been a change to the terminology used in order to improve clarity around tactical selection. There is imminent training to update DSOs in these developments.

18. The significant work in progress is the preparation of a Community Strategy to inform Londoners of the context for Operation Kratos and the rationale behind the tactics.

19. The lead for Operation Kratos both in the MPS and nationally has now moved from Specialist Operations to Central Operations as part of the re-structuring of commands in the MPS earlier this year.

According to the Independent, the ‘greater range of operational circumstances’ could involve non-terror offences such as domestic violence.






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