Opposition ‘will have to back’ SNP bills at Holyrood

The newly re-branded Scottish Government is expected to announced an ambitious programme of legislation following today’s resumption of business at Holyrood.

Iain MacWhirter thinks that Alex Salmond has outmanoeuvred the unionist parties yet again:

as parliament returns, the SNP government will
propose a whole raft of bills on bridge tolls, rape, tuition fees,
culture, climate change, firearms and possibly even the Commonwealth
Games. And here’s the twist: the opposition parties will have to
back most of them. Anyone looking for a series of spectacular defeats
in the near future is likely to be
disappointed. (Herald)







One response to “Opposition ‘will have to back’ SNP bills at Holyrood”

  1. www.oilofscotland.org avatar

    Congratulations to the SNP for proposing a effective policies based on common sense. Common sense being an attribute sadly lacking in unionist policy makers?
    1. Secretly moving Scotland’s marine borders in 1999
    2.Keeping reports into the Scotland Oil Rich “Europe’s third wealthiest nation” Economy TOP SECRET for over 30 years since 1974.
    3. Overturning a democratic decision 52% said yes to devolution in 1979 Westminster said NO despite Scottish MPs voting 43 to 19 against repeal.
    These are three good examples of illegal non democratic policies of Westminster that lacked common sense.
    In 2010 these policies will slap Westminster in the face. When the Scottish people claim their current £11,574 a SECOND – £32 MILLION a DAY – £1 BILLION a MONTH – £12 BILLION a YEAR OIL WEALTH – Scotland produces more oil than Kuwait.
    When Scotland stops diluting their oil wealth by more than 12/1 as at moment the Scot’s do not even get what the GERS report says we should get ?
    http://www.oilofscotland.org for full details reports including the McCrone Report

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