Pat Rabbitte interview online

My interview with Irish Labour Party leader Pat Rabbitte for this week’s Irish World is now archived at TomGriffin.Info.

Among the issues covered are Irish Government support for emigrants, the state of the peace process and the future of Labour politics in Northern Ireland.






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  1. Nathan avatar

    Did a representative from the Irish Labour Party visit a centre near you Tom? Kathleen Lynch, TD for Cork North Central spent the day with Coventry Cork Association exiles in my neck of the woods before Christmas.
    Its shocking that up to now some of our most vulnerable exiles have been forgotten about by the Irish state. The reason for this is that the plight of exiles living abroad hasn’t really been afforded with a particularly high profile back home.
    I’m glad to see that Irish Labour representatives are starting to reverse the trend. All of us could all do with a greater understanding when it comes to the established Irish community in Britain.

  2. Tom Griffin avatar

    The same delegation came down to the London Irish Centre before Christmas. I did an interview with Emmet Stagg there for the Irish World, which is archived here:
    The whole issue seems to have picked up since RTE Primetime did a documentary on emigrants just before Christmas 2003.

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