Rees-Mogg on the English question

I was surprised yesterday that the Sunday Times had very little coverage of the fact that the Tories won the popular vote in England.

As Gareth at the CEP points out, William Rees Mogg has made up for it today in Times with an article that sets out the issues very well:

Labour has rejected the rule of equality and, even more unwisely, has discriminated against the largest, most powerful and richest nation of the United Kingdom. The English in America did not accept such discrimination in 1776. They will want equality now, so that they, like the Scots and the Welsh, can run their own affairs.

That significance of that passage should not be under-estimated. The American Revolution emerged out of the English radical tradition of the Levellers and the Commonwealthmen. Perhaps it’s now time for that tradition to take its rightful place in the land of its birth.






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  1. Derek avatar

    Lets hope the media in general pick up on the Tories winning the popular vote, and the implications thereof. I fear however that we may be disappointed, given the lamentable record of the press and TV south of the border.
    Maybe Paxo might lambast some New Labour minister with it one evening! I’m sure the facts have not passed him by.

  2. Gadgie avatar

    English Independence or a loose federation might well be the key to solving the problems in Northern Ireland. It is time England was asked if they wish to continue with the union.

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