Rosa Monckton admits MI6 link

Not for the first time today, this is a story that won’t come as a surprise to Green Ribbon readers:

Rosa Monckton, a confidante of Diana, Princess of Wales, said yesterday that
someone close to her was involved in the Secret Intelligence Service. Ms
Monckton, who was with the Princess ten days before she was killed in a car
crash in a Paris underpass, told the inquest into the Princess’s death that
she had “no connection with the security services” but that “someone close
to me is connected with the SIS”. (The Times)






4 responses to “Rosa Monckton admits MI6 link”

  1. Charlie Marks avatar

    I thought that her husband, Dominic Lawson, was an asset of the securocrats?

  2. Tom Griffin avatar

    That allegation is covered in the paragraph of Stephen Dorril’s book immediately before the one I quoted.
    According to Richard Tomlinson at least one national newspaper editor was an MI6 agent in the 1990s. Dorril reports that media interest centred on Lawson and that he denied the allegation.
    To be honest, it hadn’t occured to me when I read about Monckton’s testimony that there was more than one candidate for who she was referring to. Leaping to conclusions, I guess.

  3. Charlie Marks avatar

    Well, I saw from tv news footage that Lawson was with her as she went into court and subsequently discovered they are married. It’s all very curious…

  4. Tom Griffin avatar

    It’s interesting that her account, which dealt with Al-Fayed’s allegations very neatly, was contradicted by Raine Spencer.

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