Salmond and Paisley unhappy with spending deal

Mark Devenport brings us news that the devolved administrations are not happy with Alistair Darling’s spending settlement:

Alex Salmond met Ian Paisley at Westminster this afternoon. He
claims NI and Wales are just as upset as he is about the Comprehensive
Spending Review and they intend to work together to try to get a better

FURTHER UPDATE: This evening the Finance Department confirmed that
Peter Robinson had discussed the spending review with his Scottish
counterpart and they hope to meet the Treasury soon, either separately
or together. (Devenport Diaries)

(The Campaign for for an English Parliament reckons the dispute reflects the Barnett consequentials of a cut that was barely noticed when it was applied in England.)

One issue I wonder about is how the measures in the pre-budget report will affect Northern Ireland’s tax competitiveness compared to the Republic, the subject of the forthcoming Varney Review, especially in the light of stories like this one:

Dylan Thwaites, chief executive and founder of Latitude, said he would now reconsider his investment plans and would look more favourably at approaches from overseas governments to relocate his head office from Warrington where he employs 70 people. "We have been approached by Ireland to move there and they will guarantee the rate of corporation tax at 10pc until 2021. Our future start-ups and investments are likely to be outside the UK in a tax regime we can trust," he said. (Telegraph)



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  1. Gus Abraham avatar

    It will be very interesting to see how this pans out, particulalry as the Welsh are also extremely pissed off – they were first offered 6.5 (scotland were promised 8) milliojn to deal with the foot and mouth outbreak (started in an English state run lab) for which the devolution reserves responsibility to Westminster, then were offered nada.
    How ironic if it were sheep that dipped Broon in it.

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