Salmond rules out Lib Dem coalition

Alex Salmond last night moved to quash the speculation that a coalition deal with the Lib Dems might still be possible.

"Initially, I would have preferred a coalition
deal. That was my expectation and I fully expected that within a few
days we would be in coalition with the Liberal Democrats, but that bus
has left the station.

"Where we are now is working very effectively. If we co-operate now it will be on a specific proposal." (The Herald)

Back in May, it was the Lib Dems who were refusing to talk to the SNP. Salmond’s statement may help reverse that perception, underlining the two parties contrasting fortunes since the election. Nevertheless, it’s a bold statement for the head of a minority administration that will need support from within the Lib/Lab/Con ‘gang of three’ to get legislation through.







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