Salmond’s vision: The Celtic Lion

(Hat-tip to Tartan Hero)

Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond has outlined his ambition for Scotland to emulate Ireland’s Celtic Tiger during a visit to the US:

"Our nearest three neighbors – Norway, Iceland and Ireland – are respectively the first, second and fourth most prosperous countries in the world according to the UN Human Development Index. Ultimately, matching their growth rates, and the rates of other small EU nations, is paramount. It is these nations that are remarkably outperforming the U.K. Initially, though, matching the growth rate of the U.K. is the fist step. By growing as fast as the UK, Scotland’s 10-year growth rate would reach 2.8 per cent, translating to an additional £9 billion to the economy. (Scottish Executive)






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  1. Gus Abraham avatar

    something we wont be seeing on any British Broadcasting station any time soon…

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