Salmond’s swipe at the Lords

The SNP will not be taking any seats in the House of Lords, according to party leader Alex Salmond, who cites some remarkable figures in a Sunday Herald article today:

The facts are there for all to see. Since the 2001 election, every Labour donor who has given the party more than £1 million has been given a knighthood or a peerage. Twelve out of the 14 individuals who have given more than £200,000 have received an honour, as is the case for 17 out of the 22 who donated more than £100,000.

In total, 80p out of every pound donated to Labour by individuals comes from people who have been honoured in one form or another. (Sunday Herald)

Incidentally, an article on Gerry Fitt, the most famous Irish nationalist to take a seat in the Lords, is currently being serialised over at 1169 And Counting under the title To Westminster and Back.







2 responses to “Salmond’s swipe at the Lords”

  1. Independence avatar

    Bought and Sold for Labourite Gold

    From the Sunday Herald newspaper:
    One of the houses of parliament is both corrupt and corrupting
    By Alex Salmond MP
    Ye see yon birkie ca’d a lord,
    Wha struts, and stares, and a’ that
    Tho’ hundreds worship at his word
    He’s but a cuif for a…

  2. Sharon avatar

    Ooops !
    …better late than never , Tom – thanks for the ‘plug’ ; don’t know how I missed your piece earlier . Must be ‘Junior’s ‘ fault , obviously ….

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