SDLP looks at all-Ireland links

Mark Durkan announced the creation of a new group to look at the issue of all-Ireland political links at the SDLP’s conference yesterday:

The possibilities are too precious and the prospects too important for
anyone to make decisions now that are forced or false. As others
rightly approach this potential “strategically and gradually”, so do
we. We do so with proper caution for a healthy political equilibrium in
the North and unmistakable ambition for a fulfilling dynamic in
island-wide politics.

As we engage with different parties and some outside party politics, we
will be building on our own review discussions. An SDLP working group
on all-Ireland politics and realignment will develop our thinking. Both
for ourselves and with others, we need to create a coherent framework
to consider all the relevant issues, implications and ideas. (SDLP)

Fianna Fáil has already created a parallel northern strategy group and it appears that the Irish Labour Party is to set up a similar commission. An Observer straw poll of 40 delegates found 29 in favour of a close alliance with Fianna Fáil. also has a report on the conference.






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  1. WorldbyStorm avatar

    Reading the heading it almost seems like a reverse takeover by the SDLP of FF! Now that I’d pay good money to see…

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