Shadow Company: Bicanic interviewed

Alternet this week carries an interview with Nick Bicanic, maker of Shadow Company, a new documentary about Private Military Companies. He has some interesting things to say about Tim Spicer’s contract in Iraq.

No one in the U.S. or U.K. companies understands why Tim Spicer and Aegis were given this particular contract. It was a contract to essentially oversee and handle communication and control of all the private security companies that are working out there. They’re this umbrella company that’s supposed to help everybody control and communicate to each other. But at the time that Aegis was awarded this contract, they had no men on the ground and no experience in the area. On top of that, the person in charge of the contract was a guy who had, as is clearly stated in the documentary, screwed up on numerous occasions in a major way.

Official protests were lodged when this contract was awarded by DynCorp. I tried to talk to DynCorp, but they refused to speak to me. But every individual that I spoke to was appalled that this was happening. Even the guys who just carry the guns, and are obviously not going to be in touch with somebody at the level of Tim Spicer, had heard of him and how much he screwed up before. To this day, it’s still not clear as to why that contract was awarded. (Alternet)






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