Should Ireland rejoin the Commonwealth?

Interesting argument from Conn Corrigan over at OurKingdom:

The Republic of Ireland has come along way towards being somewhere
which unionists might be willing to live. But there is obviously a lot
more to do. All political parties in the south are ostensibly committed
to a united Ireland (with perhaps the exception of the Green Party).
But they all need to be more creative in the way in which they try to
persuade unionists to come around to their way of thinking. I would
make one suggestion: Republicans should call for Ireland to rejoin the

A very long comments thread over at Slugger includes some cogent arguments as to why many Irish nationalists will be doubtful about this proposal.

Although the Commonwealth now includes a number of republics, The Queen
remains the lifetime head of the institution. That is something that
Ireland should seek to change if it is to consider rejoining.

Such a stance would be in accord with the approach adopted during Ireland’s previous period in the Commonwealth, which saw the Free State joining forces with French-Canadians and Afrikaaners to secure independence for the dominions with the Statute of Westminster.

On the whole though, I think that this is not necessarily the moment to embrace a version of British identity that is in the process of being radically altered. If Scotland becomes independent for example, the most important ‘British’ institution might be the British-Irish Council, of which Ireland is already a member.






5 responses to “Should Ireland rejoin the Commonwealth?”

  1. WorldbyStorm avatar

    I’m neutral enough on the issue, but having said that I’d tend to your opinion that now is not the time, and the sticking point surely would be the role of the Queen…

  2. Chris avatar

    Ireland should rejoin the UK!

  3. Wolfe avatar

    bull shit. will never happen.

  4. SRR avatar

    Ireland should become part of Britain.

  5. Aussie Observer avatar
    Aussie Observer

    It is unnecessary for the Republic of Ireland to rejoin the Commonwealth. Irish citizens have pretty much the same rights as British citizens within the UK and more rights than the average citizen of a Commonwealth country outside the UK; indeed, Irish citizens as citizens of an EU country have considerably more rights than Commonwealth citizens within the UK which can be added to the fact the RoI is not a foreign country under British law. If I were Irish, which I’m not, I’m an Australian, I would be very sceptical, even cynical, about some people’s motives in wanting the RoI to rejoin the Commonwealth. It will do nothing to induce Ulster Unionists towards a united, independent Ireland and so will do nothing to promote Irish unity; it will only place the RoI in an institution which has the British queen as its head. Do Irish Nationalists/Republicans really want that? On top of this one is compelled to ask the question: ‘What does the Commonwealth do, anyway?’ The Commonwealth is seen by many citizens of its member states as just another international body whose practical utility is extremely limited.

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