SNP win in Scotland – just

The SNP today became the largest party in the Scottish Parliament by the narrowest of margins.

SNP: 47
Lab: 46
Con: 17
Lib Dem: 16
Green: 2
Margo McDonald : 1

129 seats in total, 65 required for overall majority

The SNP would need the support of the Lib Dems and the Greens to gain an overall majority of 1. This would not be enough for Labour, who cannot gain an overall majority without the support of either the Tories or Margo McDonald.

McDonald is a former SNP MP for Govan albeit one who split from the party in very bitter circumstances.

Alex Salmond looks to have edge in the race to be First Minister, although he could well find himself leading a minority government which some would see as a poisoned chalice. There could be some tough bargaining ahead if the Lib Dems stick to the ridiculous position that the largest party have the right to be in Government but not to put their leading policy to the electorate.

In Wales Labour lost 3 seats and Plaid Cymru gained 3. Labour are now five seats short of an overall majority.
A coalition in some form is on the cards most likely led by Labour, although a Plaid/Tory/Lib Dem rainbow would have a majority of 6.







2 responses to “SNP win in Scotland – just”

  1. Tony avatar

    A truly great day somewhat spoiled by the amount of votes that the machines and badly trained staff discounted. It is an absolute scandal!
    I hope Scotland NEVER looks back now!

  2. Tony avatar

    Any idea of the numbers on the popular vote?

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