Spicer’s threat to sue MP

AegisDefence Services chief executive Tim Spicer is threatening to sue MP Sarah Teather and Irish-American newspaper the Irish Echo over comments about his role in the Peter McBride case in a recent story ‘Spicer speared in scathing US report.’

The Echo’s Ray O’Hanlon reports:

In its May 4-10 issue, the Echo, in a story headlined "Spicer speared in scathing U.S. report," reported Teather’s view that "serious questions" still required answering in the McBride case.

However, it was the Echo’s precise wording of this aspect of the Spicer/Aegis story that prompted the legal letters to the Echo and Teather.

The report stated: "Teather recently told the Echo that ‘serious questions’ were still in need of answers with regard to Spicer and his role in the death of Peter McBride."

The letter sent to the Echo alleged that this statement, made with regard to "Lieutenant Colonel Tim Spicer OBE," was "seriously defamatory of him."

The letter stated: "He had no role whatever in the death of Peter McBride. He was the commanding officer of the regiment in which two soldiers involved in Mr. McBride’s death were then serving. Thereafter he stood by his men and, in due course, was vindicated in so doing."

I’m not sure exactly how Spicer was vindicated, given that the two soldiers murder conviction stands to this day.

Incidentally, the Green Ribbon had a visit yesterday from somebody at the following address: aegis.gotadsl.co.uk (

They came here via this search. I wonder what that’s all about?







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