Straws in the wind in Scotland

An opinion poll last month suggested support for Scottish independence is broader than support for the SNP.

There are tentative signs this is being reflected by the other major parties. The Scotsman has this today on the Lib Dems:

THE prospect of the first SNP-Lib Dem coalition to run Scotland could become a reality if, as expected, Nicol Stephen becomes the new Scottish Liberal Democrat leader, it emerged yesterday.

Mr Stephen announced a major shift in policy when he launched his bid to replace Jim Wallace as the party leader and deputy first minister, stating that he would not rule out a coalition with any other party after the 2007 elections.

The other significant pointer is The Scotsman story mentioned here yesterday, about proposals to drop the word unionist from official tite of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party.

Interestingly, two letters to The Scotsman today both back the idea, one of them from a former Conservative Member of the Scottish Parliament.






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  1. Stuart Dickson avatar

    Support for Scottish independence has always been much higher than support for the SNP.
    Here is one explanation for the decades-old phenomenon:
    “It is a statement of fact that support for Independence is MUCH wider than support for the SNP. Support for independence can be found not just amongst other independence-oriented parties such as the SSP or the Greens, but even amongst a great many supporters of the Tory, Labour, and Liberal Democrat parties. Now, it is IMPOSSIBLE for the SNP to appeal to ALL of these voters. People who think the SNP is too right wing might be inclined to vote for the Scottish Socialist Party. People who think the SNP is too _left_ wing might be inclined to vote Tory. People who dislike the SNP’s policies on Europe might be inclined to vote for a more euro-sceptic party. Yet if the SNP changes its policies on Europe to accomodate the euro-sceptics, it is liable to lose pro-Europe votes. There is simply NO way the SNP can appeal to ALL supporters of independence. And of course, what applies to the SNP applies even MORE so to any other independence-supporting party. That is why the only fair test of the real support for independence is the referendum which we in this campaign are demanding.”

  2. Independence avatar

    Stephen opens door to coalition with SNP

    The Scotsman:
    … asked whether he would do a deal with the SNP, Mr Stephen replied: “I will not rule out any options for the future.”
    This would conceivably mean that a Conservative-Lib Dem coalition could be a possibility but the electoral a…

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