Campbell calls for Constitutional Convention

The Campaign for an English Parliament were encouraged last week when they received a letter from Menzies Campbell calling for an English Constitutional Convention.

The CEP’s Dee had this to say:

Whether or not he will put those words into action or even repeat them to the media, will be the biggest test.

It looks like he’s half way there if this story is anything to go by.

“There is not just a West Lothian question, there is a west Belfast question,” said Campbell, referring to the debate over how non-English MPs are able to help the government push measures such as tuition fees onto a sceptical English public. English MPs, by contrast, have no say over devolved issues in the rest of the United Kingdom.

Campbell’s call for a debate on relations between England and the rest of the country comes as David Cameron, the Tory leader, plans a review of his party’s policy on devolution.

The move by the Lib Dem frontrunner is being seen as a bid for English support and follows a recent speech about Britishness by Gordon Brown, Labour’s own leadership hopeful from Scotland. (Sunday Times)







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