The free market case against the union

Most of the nationalist parties in the UK have tended to be left of centre, while conversely unionism has generally been a cause of the right.

One of the first suggestions I made in this blog is that there is an emerging free market case for Scottish independence. It seems to me that this case is making significant progress on the right, particularly in the pages of the Sunday Times, where hardly a week goes by without some article pointing to ‘soviet’ levels of public spending in Scotland.

I certainly never expected to read one of Thatcher’s ministers saying stuff like this:

As the Irish economy has freed itself from British influence, and in a new context for relations between London and Dublin created by the European Union, the Irish seem largely to have shed their anti-British hostility…

Perhaps Scotland could return to greatness if it severed the apron strings that bind it to England. Given its independence it would need to slash the size of its state and compete for foreign investment. Leadership would surely pass from the trade unionists and former public sector workers who fill the posts now, to those who could display the necessary dynamism. Socialism could not survive there any more than it has in eastern Europe. A Tory Scotland would be on the cards again.

Only such a dire prospect could lead the chancellor to declare his support for Beckham and the boys. (Sunday Times)



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  1. Gavin Ayling avatar

    It is odd, pragmatism has always been a thing of the Right too, and yet it has taken them a long time to notice that Scottish separatism isn’t the enemy…

  2. Gerald Lambourne avatar
    Gerald Lambourne

    The tremendous success of the Irish Republic as an independent Nation demonstrates clearly that freedom from Westminster works in practice. It is amazing that nearly a century on we are still debating whether Scotland, or Wales, should gain independence and whether we should keep the Union or not.
    The Union is an emblem of the past and we should consign it to the dustbin of history along with colonialism. Most of us in England also want to be free of the undemocratic Westminster institutions. It is the right of all nations to determine their own future.
    The best hope of freedom for the English is an independent Scotland.
    All nationalists should unite in their opposition to the rule of Westminster.

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